Guide for careers in transportation and warehousing

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), truck drivers account for about 1 of every 5 jobs in the transportation and warehousing industry. Besides, this industry employs many occupations including such as ship captains, avionics technicians, and cargo and freight agents.

Warehouse Jobs Near Me website provides this article for a brief idea on careers related to warehouse jobs.  Run through the short guide for keeping in sync with the transportation and warehousing related careers.

About transportation and warehousing

All the goods, especially the ones used for daily routine such as toothpastes, soaps, and domestic households are transported on a daily basis. This is how people get associated with the products that help survival better.

So, in a way of transportation and storage, the industry helps the public and is the best beneficiary for those earning wages through it. The North American Industry Classification System identifies 11 sub sectors in transportation and warehousing.

BLS has figured out 4.8 million jobs approximately in 10 of the subsectors, in May 2015. On the other hand, some BLS programs classified under the federal government find an additional 595,200 jobs in the U.S. Postal Service.

Jobs and opportunities

About 7 percent growth is expected between 2012 and 2022 in the transportation and warehouse jobs, according to BLS projects employment. However this excludes the postal service. This growth amounts to about 327,300 new jobs over the next ten years.

New jobs are expected in water, truck, scenic and sightseeing, and transit and ground transportation. Also opportunities are expected to lie in warehouse jobs that support activities for transportation, and warehousing and storage.

Occupations in Transportation and warehousing

The industry has many career options. You may explore amazon jobs to find opportunities in the transportation and warehousing industry. Below are few top-picked opportunities at different levels in the industry:

  • operating vehicles
  • moving or tracking materials
  • helping customers
  • supporting operations
  • maintaining and repairing vehicles and equipment
  • managing or providing business or financial expertise
  • other works.

Industry operations

Moving goods is the major aspect in the transportation and warehousing industry. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics Each year reveal that about 63 tons of freight per person is shipped in the United States while trucks carry most freight.

Freight is also carried through trains, boats, pipelines, and ships; and in large amounts. Airplanes are mostly used to carry much smaller amounts of freight. However, trains and airplanes are widely used for both transportation of goods and people.

Goods are kept in warehousing and storage facilities after being transported and before they are on-sale. These stored goods in distribution centers are carried through logistics services including packaging, inventory control, and transportation arrangement.